Sewing Around The World Tour. The “Tina Jacket” by Schnittchen Patterns

Hello Sewists!  I’m this month’s blogger for Schnittchen’s “Sewing Around the World” tour.  12 sewing bloggers from different countries have chosen a pattern from Schnittchen’s collection to sew and write about on their blog.  I’m posting from Malawi-Africa. You can see what the other bloggers made here. For my month of October, I chose the Tina Jacket, a […]

DIY Water-Saving Kitchen Garden in Malawi-Africa

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, I lived in a small village without running water or electricity.  I fetched my water from a river, and read books by candlelight.  Fast forward 14 years to life in small town Malawi. Almost everyone in my neighborhood, myself included, has satellite TV and plumbing for running […]

Sewing to Save the Planet.

chameleon in malawi africa

Can sewists make the world a better place?  I think we share a common bond that makes us special – and different.  We aren’t so interested in buying ready-made because we love the process of creating.  It’s the journey that excites us – sometimes more than the destination.  Our passion for learning and doing gives […]