DIY Water-Saving Kitchen Garden in Malawi-Africa

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, I lived in a small village without running water or electricity.  I fetched my water from a river, and read books by candlelight.  Fast forward 14 years to life in small town Malawi. Almost everyone in my neighborhood, myself included, has satellite TV and plumbing for running […]

Sewing to Save the Planet.

chameleon in malawi africa

Can sewists make the world a better place?  I think we share a common bond that makes us special – and different.  We aren’t so interested in buying ready-made because we love the process of creating.  It’s the journey that excites us – sometimes more than the destination.  Our passion for learning and doing gives […]

Alternative tourism. Having a dress made in Malawi-Africa.

chitenge shopping in Balaka Malawi Africa

There are endless things to do during your visit to Malawi. Any guidebook will tell you about the not-to-be-missed highlights during your trip to “the warm heart of Africa.”  My must-do list for visitors to Malawi would include going on safari in Liwonde National Park, snorkeling at Cape Maclear, hiking on the Zomba Plateau, and […]

What is African Wax Print fabric?

Chitenge from Malawi Africa

African Wax is definitely on-trend.  From the catwalk to the cool must-have-now style blogs, African prints are showing up in all the fashionable right places.  These unique fabrics come in unexpected color combinations and never-before-imagined motifs.  Roosters?  Razor Blades?  Roller skates?   All that and more has been inspiration for wax print designs.  If you like […]