Between projects? Check out this fabric necklace tutorial.

November 23, 2015

Tamara wearing the recycled fabric and bead necklace

Completing a major sewing project is a lot like finishing a good book.  I need a couple of days before I jump into the next big thing.  As my mind clears I usually have a rush of new ideas.  But before I commit myself to another time-consuming project, I like to tinker around the studio.

My favorite thing to do during this downtime is reorganize my work space.  Going though my collection of stuff is always a source of inspiration.  Lately, I’ve been trying to spice up my wardrobe with some DIY accessories.  With this in mind,  I rummage around my treasures thinking of ways I can recycle odds and ends into fun fashion pieces.

This beaded fabric necklace is perfect for using up scrap fabric.  The look has a boho chic vibe and it works great with a tank top or scoop neck blouse.  The design possibilities are endless; you can sew the fabric into one long tube, use more beads, tie more knots, make it longer, or do anything else you fancy.  I originally made this necklace using T-shirt fabric and recycled glass beads.

It today’s tutorial I used cotton and silk fabric from my overflowing scrap pile.  The beads are from Madagascar.  I marked the fabric pieces using my see-through plastic ruler as a guide.  You need the tube to be thin enough to fit through your beads, so test your tube size before you get started.


  • Beads with a hole large enough for the cloth tube to pass through.
  • Scrap fabric cut into strips on the lengthwise or crosswise grain.  I used 4 strips,  90 cm x 5 cm (35″ x 2″) each.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial: Cut strips.Cut your fabric strips on the crosswise or the lengthwise grain.  I made 4 strips 90cm x 5cm each (two purple and two beige).  I used my plastic see-through ruler as a guide and marked my lines with school chalk.

Fabric necklace tutorial: Sew the tubeSew the pieces of fabric into tubes right sides together with a 1/4″ seam (.6 cm)  Back-stitch at beginning and end.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial: Trim the edge at an angle.Trim the corners at an angle.  Don’t cut the stitching. This will make it easier to pull the tube through the bead.

Turn your tubes right-side-out using your favorite method.  I used a safety pin.


Fabric Necklace Tutorial: Measure the same distance between beads.Make a knot in the center of the tube.  Insert a bead. Now make another knot next to the bead. Continue like this until you have about 12 centimeters (5″) of tube left at the end of each side.  Repeat this for your other tubes.  When finished knotting and beading all your tubes, tie them together with a double knot.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial: Tie the bow.Tie the ends in a double knot.  Make sure the knot is secure. Trim the ends if needed, but be sure to keep the cut on the bias to avoid fraying.


DIY Fabric and Bead Necklace by Zoona NovaThat’s it!  You’ve made a dent in your scrap pile AND you have a *new* recycled fabric and bead necklace.  Hooray!

Downtime is over.  It’s time to start that next big thing…

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