Sewing Tutorial: Trick for Hemming Jeans.

January 21, 2016

Mark the hem length

Hello Sewists!  As a petite, pear-shaped person, I usually need to hem any trousers I buy ready-made.  Here’s my quick and easy way to shorten jeans without losing the original hem.

How to Hem Jeans:

  • This trick works with straight leg jeans.  If your jeans are pegged or flared, I would use a traditional hemming technique.
  • Wash your jeans first – because things shrink.
  • Put on the jeans and turn up the hem to the desired length.  Do the measuring while you are wearing the shoes you will be wearing with the jeans.  Pin the hem in place.

Put the jeans on the table and measure the length of the hem.  (Photo below.)

Hemming Jeans Zoona Nova

Un-pin the hem and mark this distance around both pant legs with chalk. Mark on the Right Side of the jeans. (Photo below.)

Mark the hem length

*Note:  For the next photos, I am using another pair of jeans with different measurements than the pair above.

Now, measure the original hem length.  (Photo below.)

measure original hem length

Double this number (in my case, the original hem is 1 cm, giving me 2 cm) and mark this distance up from the first line you made.  (Photo below.)

mark this distance above the first line

Turn up the hem and match the edge with the second line  (Photo below.)

Fold up hem to second line.

Pin in place and sew a scant distance away from the original hem.  Do not stitch on the hem, but next to it.  (Photo below.)

Stitch next to original hem

If your hem is very wide, you will probably want to trim the hem and finish the raw edge with an overlock or zigzag stitch.  In my case, the hem was short, so I left it as is.  Turn the hem and press.  (Photo below.)

Turn the hem. Trim hem and finish raw edges if necessary.

Tack the hem “in the ditch” of the side seams to keep the hem from falling down. (Photo below.)

tack the hem in the side seams

Finished! The original hem and the new hem.  (Photo below.)

Before and After.

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